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Easter Gift Ideas for Kids Making Their Holiday Extra Special

by Haseeb Asif 18 Mar 2024

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, where especially for kids eagerly awaiting the arrival of the easter bunny and hunting for colorful eggs. Here we'll explore a variety of easter gift ideas specifically for your kids, ensuring they have a delightful and fun-filled easter celebration.

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids Making Their Holiday Extra Special

Easter gift ideas for kids

Here are some Easter gift ideas for kids that are sure to bring joy and excitement.

  1. Personalized Easter Baskets
    Create custom Easter baskets filled with goodies tailored to each child's interests. Include their favorite candies, small toys, books and perhaps a stuffed animal or plush toy.

  2. Easter-themed Books
    Encourage reading with Easter-themed books featuring beloved characters or stories centered around the holiday. Choose from a variety of options, including picture books for younger children and chapter books for older kids.

  3. Creative Craft Kits
    Spark creativity with Easter-themed craft kits that allow kids to make their own decorations or crafts. Consider kits for decorating Easter eggs, making Easter bonnets or creating spring-themed artwork.

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  4. Outdoor Toys and Games
    With the arrival of spring, consider gifting outdoor toys and games that encourage active play. Options include jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, kite-making kits or even a colorful parachute for backyard adventures.

    Outdoor Toys

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    Easter gift ideas for kids

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  5. Educational Toys
    Combine fun and learning with educational toys that stimulate children's minds. Look for toys that promote STEM skills, creativity, problem-solving or imaginative play.

    Educational Toys

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  6. Stuffed Animals
    Soft and cuddly stuffed animals are always a hit with kids. Choose Easter-themed plush toys such as bunnies, chicks or lambs to add a festive touch to their collection.

  7. Gardening Kits
    Encourage an interest in nature and gardening with DIY gardening kits.

     Gardening Kits

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  8. Art Supplies
    Foster creativity with a selection of art supplies such as markers, colored pencils, paints, and sketchbooks. Add Easter-themed stickers, stamps or stencils for extra fun.

  9. Puzzle and Board Games
    Provide hours of entertainment with puzzles and board games that the whole family can enjoy together. Look for Easter-themed puzzles or games that are age-appropriate for the child.

  10. Gift Cards or Certificates
    For older children or teenagers, consider giving gift cards to their favorite stores or online retailers. This allows them to choose their own Easter gift and ensures they'll get something they truly love.

These Easter gift ideas cater to a range of interests and age groups, ensuring that every child can enjoy a special and memorable Easter celebration.

Fun and Creative Easter Ideas for Kids to Enjoy at Home

  1. Easter Egg Decorating Party

    • Set up a designated area with tables, egg dyeing kits, stickers, markers and other decorating supplies.
    • Let kids unleash their creativity by decorating hard-boiled eggs with various designs, colors and embellishments.
    • Encourage friendly competition by hosting an egg decorating contest with fun categories like Most Creative or Best Use of Glitter.
  2. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

    • Hide plastic Easter eggs filled with treats or small toys throughout the house.
    • Create a list of clues or riddles to help kids find the hidden eggs, adding an extra element of excitement and challenge.
    • Consider assigning each child a specific color of egg to hunt for to ensure fairness and prevent any arguments.
  3. DIY Easter Crafts

    • Set up a crafting station stocked with supplies for making Easter-themed crafts such as bunny masks, paper plate chick puppets or handprint Easter cards.
    • Provide step-by-step instructions or printable templates to guide children through each craft project.
    • Display their finished creations around the house to add festive decorations and showcase their artistic talents.
  4. Easter Baking and Treat Making

    • Spend quality time together in the kitchen baking delicious Easter treats like bunny-shaped cookies, carrot cake cupcakes or chocolate nests.
    • Let kids get involved in the baking process by measuring ingredients, mixing batter and decorating the finished treats with icing and sprinkles.
    • Enjoy the sweet rewards of your baking efforts together as a family, perhaps with a cozy movie night featuring Easter-themed films.
  5. Virtual Easter Celebration

    • If you're unable to gather with extended family and friends in person, host a virtual Easter celebration via video call.
    • Coordinate fun activities like virtual egg decorating competitions, Easter trivia games or even a virtual egg hunt using clues shared over video chat.
    • Share laughs, stories, and Easter wishes with loved ones from the comfort of your own home, making the most of technology to stay connected during the holiday.

How do you make Easter fun at home for kids?

Making Easter fun at home for kids involves a combination of creative activities, traditional Easter traditions and special treats. Here are some ideas to make Easter enjoyable for kids at home.

  • Egg Decorating
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Crafts
  • Baking and Treat Making
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Virtual Celebrations
  • Easter Movies and Stories
  • Special Easter Breakfast or Brunch
  • Planting Seeds or Flowers
  • Family Traditions

By incorporating these activities into your Easter celebration, you can create a fun and memorable experience for kids at home while fostering creativity, bonding and joy.

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